I’m excited to have you on the show! If this is your first time, please be sure to read through these notes. If you’re a returning guest, you know what’s up, but don’t forget about the Top 3 Picks (see #5)!

Things we need for a great show:

  1. A separate microphone and headset. Any headphones will do, we just need to keep my voice out of your microphone. The mic also doesn’t need to be fancy, but something better than the mic built into your earbuds or airpods is ideal. A headset with a fixed microphone away from your face is the minimum requirement, but a standalone mic that sits on your desk (or a boom if you’re fancy) is ideal. USB mics are easy to set up and work great with Skype.
  2. Speaking of Skype, you’ll need a Skype account if you don’t have one. If for some reason Skype is unavailable to you, please let me know in advance. I likely already have your username, but if not, please get that to me. My handle is "ttscoff" and you can click here to add me as a contact.
  3. Recordings run 1 hour. Sometimes short, and long when they need to be, but I shoot for an hour.
  4. As far as homework, there shouldn’t be any. You’re on the show because I want to talk about the things that you know best! I have a lot to learn. No matter how easy/obvious something seems to you, I guarantee that if I picked you to be on the show, I want to learn from what you know. There is one (well, three, really) thing to prepare, though…
  5. The Top 3 Picks happen at the end of each show. We talk about your three favorite things right now. Books, TV, movies, music, podcasts, tools, toys, even abstract concepts you find fascinating right now — anything is fair game. Bring three picks with you and we’ll discuss them in the second half of the show. I find these are great conversation points, and often offer insight into my guests’ personalities that might not come up otherwise. Surprise me!
  6. The show is generally PG, though I no longer have a strict ban on "bad words." If you like to swear, I’ll just mark the episode as explicit. It’s ok, I like to swear, too, when it’s appropriate.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. This email address gets high priority treatment: me+systematicguest@brettterpstra.com.

Thanks, and I’m looking forward to talking!